By their nature Ingredients are the building blocks of all recipes, whether food or drink, and as such uses them as the main source data, that feed through recipes into menus.

The four cornerstones of ingredient management are laid out clearly in for dedicated tables. The first three being common to all Chefsbk’s:

1. Allergens

Ingredients provides a quick view summary of ingredient allergens.

2. Financials

The Pricing tab is used to view and quickly update price, pack size, base unit (grammes, millilitres or each), plus your yield percentage.

3. Nutrition

Some ingredients have multiple nutrition data depending on the cooking method you are using, which is really useful.

Stock (available on business packages)

Stock is a function that helps you value your stock simply by adding the volume you have. Chefsbk does all the financial calculations for you.

Additionally, if you have fallen below you required par stock, the system calculates how many you need to order to bring you back up to par.