ALLERGEN MANAGEMENT is a legal requirement for all organisations serving food to customers and is part of Environmental Health Officers checks, so its crucial to ensure a robust system is in place.

We work directly with the Regulatory Services, having a Primary Authority Partnership in place to help create easy to use monitoring systems to help your organisation.

Chef’s Book is literally peppered with allergen reference points for you, that are generated automatically as you create your recipes and menus.

This is done by attaching allergens in just one place – your ingredients list, which your recipes then use to highlight the allergens appearing in each recipe.

It also automatically summarises all allergens when you use sub-recipes in a full recipe, saving you time and effort in manually tracking everything.

Get your ingredients right and does the rest for you.

Clear and consistent.

Allergen Reference Points

1. Recipe Library

As soon as you view your Recipe Library, you can see the allergens attached to that recipe immediately below the recipe title.

2. Recipes & Sub Recipes

Then, when you view a recipe or a sub recipe, you’ll see the allergens being summarised for you, split between actual and “may contain” allergens for clarity.
Allergens are shown for the whole recipe and each sub-recipe too.

3. Ingredients Table – Allergen Tab

4. “May Contain” Allergens

As well as attaching allergens to your ingredients, also has the facility to attach “may contain” allergens, that are shown on your ingredient packaging, keeping the information separate from confirmed allergens.

5. Menus

Then, as you build your menus, the allergens for each dish are again summarised automatically in the allergen table.
This makes it very easy for you and your team to be able to view allergen information at the touch of a button.

6. Working With Your EHO

Allinsons Plain Wholemeal Allergens
And to prove where you have got your allergens from, you can also attach photos of the ingredient packaging as well.