Ingredient Financials

Having up to date financial data available for your ingredients, helps Chefsbk help you, save time in so many ways – many of which are achieved through the automation of calculations.

1. Instant Calculations:

Firstly, it provides the raw data, that allows your Chefsbk site to calculate the costs of any dish for you automatically.

Ideal for monitoring menu food costs and at home.

2. Menu Pricing Guide:

Secondly, as a consequence of understanding food costs, businesses can quickly understand what a menu selling price needs to be to make a dish viable and to achieve the required GP%.

3. Instant Calculation Updates.

Next, it is important to note, that as you update your ingredient costs all of your recipe and menu calculations are updated instantly – and again automatically for you.

4. Yield % adds greater pricing accuracy:

And, as not all ingredients yield a 100% that can be used, our yield calculator helps you understand the real cost of ingredients in a recipe.
You might pay for a whole pineapple, but not all of it is edible, so Chefsbk builds yield into in calculations for you.

5. Easy supplier costs comparison:

Needless to say, having ingredient costs clearly displayed from various suppliers allows you to choose you preferred supplier on price.

6. Helps understand the hidden cost of food waste:

The cost of ingredients is also used by the Food Waste reports to calculate the cost of the food thrown away as well as the potential GP wasted.