Whether your:

  • Creating a menu for an event
  • Calculating how much your sales mix should have generated for you
  • Calculating the costs of staff meals
  • Building a menu to calculate the nutrition values for a day
  • Or simply want to plan and cost a weeks shop at home, menus can do all this and more.

Menus has six headline functions:


Each dish has its allergens summarised against its menu entry.
This is the perfect place for any team member, such as front of house, to quickly find information for customers.


As with allergens, your menu uses the nutrition calculations from your recipes and summarises them for you all in one place.

Additionally, if you want to calculate an individuals daily nutritional intake, simply add one of each dish eaten and Chef’s Book will calculate the daily summary for you.

Shopping Lists

Simply add the number of portions you require…
…and your chef’s book will produce a full shopping list for you.

Prep Lists

Just like the Shopping List, as you add the number of dishes Chef’s Book summarises the amounts of ingredients you have indicated need to be prepared in a certain way.

This can be viewed and printed off too.

GP Checker

This is a business function that keeps track of the current GP % per portion being achieved, based on ingredient/ portion costs vs. menu selling price.

It is also where you can quickly check GPs once ingredients prices have been updated.


This can be used by organisations for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Calculating the return on daily sales
  • Calculating daily cash margins
  • Calculating the average GP for specific courses or the whole menu, including fixed price menus.
  • Calculating the costs and sales price of events….and more.