As your Chefsbk site is created, it is automatically authenticated with an SSL certificate, confirming its trustworthiness.

This means that the https:// protocol for you website is enabled, confirming the information exchanged from and to the site, on the internet, is done privately and securely through encryption.

Password Protected

Additionally, all Chefsbk sites are password protected for the site owner and any users allocated permissions to view or use the sites.

These log in permissions are maintained through each sites Manage page.

Storage and Back Ups

Your Chefsbk is help on secure servers and accessed in the cloud.

Your Chefsbk is backed up every 24 hours, both by our hosting company, but also by a third party service, just to be on the safe side.

Sharing Info

Most Chefsbk sites have the benefit of the “Share” function allowing users the option to share recipes and even whole menus with other Chefsbk users.

This is secured through firstly the use of an identifier PIN, which is needed by the sender to confirm the receiving site has agreed for content to be sent.

Even then, as an additional safeguard, the receiving site has to confirm receipt.