Sharing Your Chef’s Book – Options

Depending on the Chefsbk package you have chosen, you will have various sharing options.

All Chefsbk’s have the benefit of being able to send recipes to, and receive recipes from, other Chefsbk users.
Business Chefsbks have the benefit of being able to send whole menus to, and receive menus from, other Chefsbk users. Ideal for consultants and business groups


Supplier Content Hubs

This allows suppliers to share their ingredients with their customers, saving time in inputting allergen, nutrition and pricing data.

Business Content Hubs

Where organisations have various outlets, they can use a content hub to be the master for ingredients, meaning that centrally purchased ingredients only have to me managed in one place, not in every outlet.

It can also be the central store of all recipe and menus, sharing with the local sites only what they need, but proving a platform for their chefs to develop menus centrally and sharing when development is complete.


Again, depending on the package you have chosen, you can invite other users to either view you content, for example as a college tutor for an apprentice chef, or as a front of house member of staff in a business to view allergen information.

Equally, log in permissions can be issued to team members to add content such as executive and head chefs who will be developing menus in a organisation.