Food Waste

Obviously, with so many food businesses spread around the globe, the environmental impact of throwing unused food away can be enormous.

But on a more local level, individual businesses suffer twice financially due to Food Waste.

Firstly, throwing food away for whatever reason is often a hidden cost for businesses, which not only has to absorb the costs of the unused food, but also increases operating costs, by having to pay for collection and disposal.

Secondly, the consequence of these costs is that the profitability of the business is reduced and may put pressure on the day to day costs of running the business.

To help businesses track their food waste and manage why food is being thrown away, provides a wastage report that can be collated daily to help the team understand what has been thrown away, the reasons why, the actual cost and also the value of lost GP that food may have generated.

Staff Food Costs

Additionally, the same reporting function can be used to calculate the food cost of staff meals.

This is a great benefit for any member of your team, but it is ultimately a cost to the business, which has to be covered by operating income.

It is also likely to be a taxable benefit for the individual in many tax systems.