Content hubs contain ingredient lists that can be used by other sites.

This simplifies maintaining and updating ingredients for allergens, costs and nutrition, by having single point sources of ingredient information.

Content hubs come in two varieties – private and public.

They provide for consistent ingredient information to be shared across multiple linked Chefs Book sites.

Recipes and menus available on content hubs can also be shared and imported directly into linked local Chef’s Books using the share function.

No printing or paper required, just import directly into you own Chef’s Book.

Private content hubs are used by organisations who want to centralise their ingredient management, but still want their teams to be able to use the ingredients on their own local Chef’s Book.

Private hubs are also ideal for organisations who are linked through a common goal to share their best practice to improve the service to the customers, such as hospices or schools, whilst still allowing the organisations to add other ingredients locally.

Public content hubs are provided by ingredient food and drink suppliers of all kinds – from catering suppliers, to local shops, farm shops, online shops and other specialist suppliers.

These hubs can be joined by anyone, whether they have their own Chefs Book or not, but for those that do, they can link their own Chefs Book to the hub to use the ingredients information stored on them.

There is no limit on the number of public contents hubs you can join or link to.